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Excerpts from Survival Tips, Tricks and Traps by Wanda & William Priday, Chapter 2 EDCs, BOBs, BUG Out/In & WROL

WROL scenarios mean the breakdown of society as we know it and if that happens personal security will be a high priority. In a WROL scenario, cover your windows from the inside with dark material, such as black trash bags or dark blankets or sheets. A week or 2 into WROL and people will be looking to take advantage of those with supplies. Blacking out your windows keeps others from seeing movement or lights (flashlights, candles, etc.) which indicate your presence.

Strew trash, furniture, debris and even feces on your lawn and porches to make your house appear as if it has already been looted and difficult to ingress.

Have stocks of ready to eat food to minimize cooking smells.

Be well armed. People regress when their lives are on the line and will be deadliest in WROL scenario. Read more in Chapter 7 Firearms & Security.

Stock up on toilet paper, alcohol, cigarettes and any medications, these will have value in WROL. Offering a cigarette or a drink could shift foe to friend.

Only keep pantry supplies that you can afford to lose to looters with you or in your home. Keep the remainder of your supplies in various caches that only you know their whereabouts.

One way to hide valuables in your home is to make those valuables look and smell as unattractive as possible.  Place old clothes, trash and towels in piles on top of your stashes, then urinate and defecate on them – NO ONE will dig through a pile of crap just to see what might be there.

This theory works for people too.  If you feel the need to, make yourself less of a target by smelling and looking bad.  Urine, feces and alcohol on your clothes will keep others at bay.

Making rudimentary armor from household items will give you an advantage in hand to hand combat and serves as a good place to keep a blade. Bracers around your forearms made from several layers of cardboard or a phone book and duct tape. Slide butter knives in between the layers will fortify the bracers. Grieves are primitive shin guards and can be made the same as bracers.

Place crushed glass on the floor by your windows and doors of your domicile to create noise if someone walks through. It is not an alarm, but an alert, so you can ambush them instead of vice versa.  Setting alarms, such as bells or glass jars above your doors will indicate to the trespasser that someone is present.

Place clothing against the bottom of your door. If it has been shifted or moved, it will indicate that someone has been there or is still there. Tape a strand of hair or strip of paper across the seam of windows and doors, so that if broken will show you someone has entered. Whether you choose to alarm upon entry or silently alert after the fact depends on whether you want to deter, confront or evade.