Check out Survival Tips, Tricks and Traps by Wanda & William Priday

Run out of hand sanitizer or toilet paper? These antimicrobial plants can be used for both, as well as, wound care.

During a without rule of law (WROL) scenario you must bug in; how do you proof your home to increase the safety of your family & possessions?

Don’t have a lighter or matches, discover multiple ways in each of the following categories to start a fire: solar, electrical, chemical, friction and percussion.

Lost in the woods and drank all the water in your pack, but found a creek, how do you turn that into safe drinking water?  

Want to know how to open a can without a can opener or how to make a slingshot with a condom and stick? How many ways can you use a hat to increase your survivability?

No phone, no compass, no problem. Learn how to navigate directions day or night without modern technology. 

Through trap illustrations & directions, we show you how to set up and catch small, medium and large game, including fish and birds.

Learn these tips, tricks, traps and so much more inside Survival Tips, Tricks & Traps by Wanda & William Priday, now available on


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